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Complete Solution of Hardware,
Technical Service and Airtime:

The result is connectivity.

EPAK is a technology company, developing and manufacturing automatic satellite antennas. EPAK antennas bring satellite TV and Internet to any seagoing vessel or offshore platform.

We prioritize customer satisfaction and understand that every user hasĀ  unique needs. Our team of experts will work closely with you to tailor a comprehensive solution that matches your specific requirements.

Whether you need a robust TV antenna to access a wide range of international channels or a high-speed internet antenna for seamless communication and data transfer, we have you covered.


Ship-to-Shore communication via satellite for merchant vessels

A captain looking out of the window through a binocular
Advanced satellite communication solutions help digitize your operations, enhance overall business efficiency and support crew morale and loyalty. According to the latest Comsys report, VSAT has fundamentally shifted from a cost center to a cost saver with a very compelling Return on Investment.
  • Automate data processes and operation
  • Manage risk and meet regulatory standard
  • Gain access to information like on-board troubleshooting
  • Offer entertainment and real-time communication like VoIP calling to increase crew satisfaction and moral

Offshore satellite services

A commercial ship
Downtime on an oil rig comes at an exorbitant cost, so the value proposition for VSAT has never been in question. Advanced satellite communication solutions help digitize operations and enhance overall business efficiency.

Data is constantly being generated during drilling and seismic survey activities: Monitoring, sensing and sending all this data back to onshore offices via satellite can be critical to detecting any areas of concern. Broadband satellite internet enables operators to manage heavy-bandwidth applications, such as live video for rig monitoring and remote collaboration, transfer of heavy data files, asset tracking, systems automation and cloud computing.

TV and Internet on Trawlers and Ocean-going Work Boats

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Deep sea fishing vessels can go to sea for weeks, or even months at a time under extremely dangerous conditions. Therefore, a reliable communication system via satellite is crucial for the operators and the well-being of the crew. Return on Investment of a VSAT purchase is given by the extension of the satellite connection to more and more business applications.

A vessel network management system allows you to supervise and optimize several ship operations. It ensures that every user in a shared network gets the optimum capacity of available bandwidth. It offers tools for increasing operational efficienc