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Kymeta OneWeb:
Fibre-like Connectivity at Sea

Don’t miss the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of the new Kymeta LEO Terminals with OneWeb.

High-speed connectivity, everywhere:
on land, in the air and at sea

Fibre-like Connectivity at Sea​

We are proud to offer the new Kymeta LEO Terminals with OneWeb satellite service. As a leading provider of innovative communication solutions, we are excited to present these groundbreaking terminals to you.

The Kymeta LEO Terminals utilize advanced Phased-Array antenna technology to provide reliable and fast connectivity through the world’s most advanced Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network, powered by OneWeb. Whether you’re working in remote areas, at sea, or in need of a reliable connection, the Kymeta LEO Terminals offer a solution that meets your requirements.

With their flat panel antenna design, the Kymeta LEO Terminals deliver exceptional performance and flexibility. They are designed to establish communication links within the OneWeb LEO satellite constellation. These terminals are easy to install and can be mounted on various vehicles or platforms.

As an authorized distributor of Kymeta and OneWeb, we provide comprehensive support in selecting, installing, and maintaining the LEO Terminals. Our team of experts is available to answer your questions and assist you in integrating this powerful solution into your existing communication system.

LogosOneWeb’s global communications network will be powered by a constellation of 650 low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, enabling high-speed, low latency connectivity for governments, businesses, and communities everywhere around the world.

Are you looking for high-speed LEO connectivity?

We are bringing OneWeb to passenger and commercial maritime customers as the new LEO services continue to expand.

Kymeta OneWeb

One Mission

OneWeb’s maritime mission is to enable a new era of connectivity by delivering a high-speed, fibre-like experience to the world’s oceans and those who sail on them.

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OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network will bridge the digital divide by delivering high-speed, low-latency connectivity and 21st century digital solutions to enrich communities and economies everywhere.

Unlike existing satellite networks, OneWeb offers connectivity similar to 4G and terrestrial fibre services.

OneWeb brings those hardest to reach online with an offering that is:

  • Simple to use
  • Flexible to our customers’ needs
  • Responsible on earth and in space
  • Engineered to deliver high speeds and low latency always
Kymeta OneWeb

A solution for the Maritime connectivity demands

Hyper-connectivity is part of everyday life for many businesses on land, but for those at sea, connectivity remains inconsistent and expensive. OneWeb is setting the standards for the new normal at sea. The maritime industry is experiencing a digital transformation. Accelerating its progress, and maximising its potential relies on a new connectivity experience that performs beyond existing solutions.

OneWeb will remove the barriers to progress by introducing truly high speed, reliable and affordable connectivity services. These services and applications will support the use of technology and data to accelerate decarbonisation, transform crew welfare, enable transparency to meet ESG criteria, and unlock efficiencies, safety, and profitability.

New standards for maritime connectivity

With a usable network capacity of over 1.1Tbps, OneWeb’s high-throughput fibre-like global network will transform maritime capabilities, solving complex and dynamic needs across maritime sectors.

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Intelligent Networks

OneWeb’s game-changing constellation of 648 LEO satellites will deliver a high throughput, low latency global network that’s as capable of providing connectivity at sea, as it is on land.

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New Technology

OneWeb has designed a unique suite of connectivity solutions to meet the needs of the present and future to achieve a simple, cost-effective digital transformation.

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Strategic Partnership

OneWeb is working with public and private sector investors to achieve its vision and establishing a network of like-minded partners to bring its solutions to customers.

Enjoy OneWeb with Kymeta’s flat-panel

Flat antennaEPAK has recently enriched its product portfolio to include Kymeta‘s iconic electronically scanning, flat-panel satellite terminal.
Kymeta is one of the leader in broadband satellite connectivity and its solutions meet and exceed customer mission requirements.